7 Tips to Make Tutoring Sessions Fun

Tutoring sessions
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7 Tips to Make Tutoring Sessions Fun

Students learn best in a safe and fun learning environment. Although some might be put off by the term “fun,” tutors can still accomplish the tutoring-learning objectives without creating a tense atmosphere. But how do you make learning sessions more engaging? Please consider the following seven tips to make tutoring sessions fun.

1. Break the ice.

You don’t barge into a tutoring session with “guns ablaze.” Like other activities, warm-ups can give your students head’s up of the tutoring session.

2. Include a friendly competition in the learning sessions.

Today’s learners are competitive. You can channel their enthusiasm and competitiveness into something that benefits them.
Play a simple online game after each session and praise the learner for winning. Look for exciting and fun games you can leverage into the learning activities.

3. Incorporate fun virtual backgrounds.

Ditch the plain white background in your virtual classroom and use a projection screen instead. Search the internet for images or films you can use to add spice to the tutoring sessions.
For example, you could mimic a concert stage with appropriate lighting and band-like effects to help your student learn about music. Fun math equations on the background should make for a visually interesting piece for an aspiring math wizard.

4. Use interactive learning tools.

You’ll never run out of these resources. The Internet has many interactive, engaging, and fun tools you can incorporate into tutoring. Apps, games, and websites are available for any age group.
You only need to analyze what’s appropriate for your learners and whether these learning tools help in achieving the student’s learning goals.
Tutoring sessions

5. Ask the learner to be the tutor.

Some tutors might find this trick odd. However, many learners love to lead. Asking students to “teach” a tutor or fellow learners allows the student to build self-confidence.
The activity also highlights individuality – everyone is unique, including knowledge. Students who teach others find a sense of accomplishment. It affirms mastery of the material.

6. Use music as a learning vehicle.

You don’t have to be Jack Black’s character in “School of Rock.” As incredible as the movie is, it opens a new approach to learning. You can use music as a vehicle for delivering learning content. However, we recommend asking your learners first. Some students might not like music, while others have preferences.
According to Dr. Masha Godkin of the National University in San Diego, California, music guarantees simultaneous brain hemisphere activation to improve memory and optimize learning. Spa music, classical, nature sounds, ambiance playlists, low-key hip-hop, jazz, and new age are all excellent choices.

7. Observe frequent, more fun breaks.

Tutoring sessions can be very heady for some learners. Observing a five-minute break every 30 minutes should help students mentally recharge.
You can make the break more interesting by preparing fun activities. Sharing a story, letting a learner sing, or anything to break the monotony of learning sessions can be engaging.
Tutoring sessions can be fun and engaging if you plan the activities. These seven tips for making tutoring sessions fun are only a sample of what you can add to each learning activity. Your learners will look forward to each tutoring session with eager anticipation.





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