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Become a Tutor

Join Top Tier’s nationwide community of elite tutors. We are always searching for those with the right experience, talent, and devotion to carry forward our premier standards of education. We believe in the power of personalized, one-on-one instruction to change the lives of students everywhere, and we want your help to do it.
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Lead the Next Generation

After decades of school, you have emerged on the other side—far wiser, and capable of so much more. It wasn’t always like this. You worked hard. You made mistakes. You found in yourself the capacity to overcome them. For these reasons, at Top Tier Tutoring, we do not simply bind our instructors to an organizational rulebook. Instead, we afford them the freedom to lead with their own hands. Whether you are a longtime educator, a graduate student, or a recent undergraduate, we would love to learn from you, and our students would too.

Get Paid

Our tutors range from part-time, to seasonal, to full-time. In this sense, a position at Top Tier tutoring can either provide a primary or supplementary source of income. Regardless, we send out payments at the same exact time each month, ensuring that you never need to worry about lost checks or unpaid hours. We hold a deep respect for the expertise of all our tutors, which is why we offer industry-leading rates commensurate with experience and workload.

Make a Difference

While many students flourish under standardized education, some will inevitably struggle with the lack of personalized attention and care. With Top Tier Tutoring, you will work directly with families and schools to close learning gaps, engender confidence, and build out individualized programs for students who desperately need them. Your work may also extend to enrichment plans, which provide further depth and stimulus to curious, advanced children.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

When you become a Top Tier Tutor, you are also joining an extensive network of leading educators committed to the mission of quality instruction. Utilizing our open lines of communication, you can gain feedback and guidance from our wellspring of other tutors while developing personalized programs for your students. Additionally, you will have opportunities to further broaden your horizons by collaborating with schools and curriculum specialists from all over the country. In this way, our tutors have a world of knowledge at their fingertips and are never hesitant to draw upon it.

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We are right there with you

From the moment we accept your candidacy, we will continue to remain in constant contact throughout onboarding and beyond. First, with training, we will familiarize you with Top Tier’s methodology and guide you through the essential standards expected of all of our tutors. From there, we will help you build your profile and connect you with students, families, and schools in search of your expertise. We will then provide close oversight and mediation during the entire tutoring process.
Become a Tutor

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