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Top Tier Tutoring works with schools across the nation in order to support the mission of providing an equitable education to all students regardless of age, identity, academic level, or background. We offer high impact one-on-one instruction as well as collaborative group classes, both in-person and online. As we convene closely with teachers, districts, and private schools, our speciality is building out focused programs catered to the distinct needs of your students, which are always idiosyncratic and subject to change. Our tutors understand the critically demanding work that educators and administrative leaders perform every single day. Whether an institution is looking to increase its teacher capacity, improve test results, or reduce learning gaps, Top Tier Tutoring will meet these goals head on with its passionate roster of elite educators, and its premiere approach to pedagogy which stands at the forefront of educational science. 

In no particular order, we are experts in: 

  • K-12 state curriculums
  • All core subjects including math, science, english, history, and language studies
  • APs, IBs, and numerous specialized exams
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Standardized tests 
  • College applications
  • And much more

Why Partner with Top Tier Tutoring?

High Impact Tutoring: At Top Tier Tutors, we are fully aware of how much energy and focus is required to guide the academic and social development of young minds. We also know that despite the tireless work of educators around the United States, there will always be a need for more textbooks, more teachers, and more time. In this way, partnering with Top Tier Tutoring is like having another set of hands that give catered support to your students when time is short, and attention must be distributed equally among every classroom. For this purpose, we have meticulously organized a network of subject matter experts and seasoned educators to work one-on-one with your students and develop high-impact programs that grow alongside their needs. Of course, our tutors provide essay review and homework help, but more importantly, they are driven by the idea of taking time with your students, understanding them, and arriving at the why beneath their struggles. From there, they get to work structuring a tutoring plan rooted in flexible learning styles, practice tools, and regular one-on-one sessions. We base the frequency and duration of these sessions on each student and on the standard learning outcomes obtained from educational data around the world.

Collaboration with Teachers: Teachers know their students better than anyone else. Over the span of any given course, they spend eight hours a day familiarizing themselves with the strengths, weaknesses, and personalities of each pupil. This is why our tutors maintain such close lines of communication with educators during the school year. One student may experience apathy when problem sets are too rigid, while another may excel under highly-detailed, instructional learning. Such knowledge is a wellspring of critical information that our tutors can both learn from, and adapt their instruction to. Additionally, when partnering with Top Tier Tutoring, it is possible for teachers to take a more direct role by assigning and monitoring tutoring sessions themselves. In essence, our instructors are here to be as unobtrusive as possible while we help your school meet district academic objectives, offer enrichment to advanced students, and shrink the learning discrepancies of your student body.

Nationwide Coverage, in-person and Online: Depending on the location of your school, it can often be difficult finding tutoring partners capable of meeting your individual needs. Sometimes, even if an organization’s services technically extend to your area, they may lack an embedded knowledge of your state curriculum, and thus, the resources to truly make an impact. At Top Tier Tutoring, our tutors and curriculum specialists represent every corner of the United States. They are capable of collaborating with any institution throughout the year via in-person or online tutelage. Our broad coverage means that no matter the time zone, you can feel confident knowing that we are right there with you. 

Reports and Analysis: Equally important as premiere tutoring is the ability for educators to keep track of student development and implement results-driven solutions based upon the data. One way this data manifests is in the progression of scores across different tutoring assignments. Another way is through less easily quantifiable advancements in areas such as verbal comprehension and classroom attentiveness. At Top Tier Tutoring, we are able to maintain organized progress reports throughout each semester. This extra effort not only demonstrates our transparent approach to working with your school, but also allows us to ensure that the standards and values of Top Tier Tutoring are met by all of our trusted instructors.

Affordability: Financial pressures are a common concern shared by the majority of educational institutions around the country. We at Top Tier Tutoring understand this reality well, and will always coordinate with your school to provide the highest quality of services in line with your budget. No student should be deprived of extra help due to economic constraints, and we are committed to working with our partners to make this dream a reality.

How Does it Work?

If your school is interested in partnering with Top Tier Tutoring, the first step is to reach out either by phone or through our website. We would absolutely love to hear from you. Right from the start, one of our education experts will work with you to solidify your needs and build an ongoing plan. This information will include factors such as the number of tutors required, which subjects demand attention, upcoming state tests, and the overarching strategy of our presence at your institution. From there, we will match you with a curated selection of our passionate instructors who were vetted through a rigorous application process. They will assist in developing specific programs to meet your goals, as they schedule lessons, coordinate with your teachers, and work one-on-one with your wonderful students. All the while we will be managing the process and maintaining open lines of communication between us, your school, and our tutors.